The Aftermath

Has surprised me. I knew opponents of 8 would be unhappy, of course, but the extremity of the opposition has, yet again, astounded me.

Apparently, Mormons are SOLELY to blame for the passing of Proposition 8. The Mormon church is, according to these people, bigoted and hateful. All becase the LDS church encouraged its people to vote in favor of what many would consider a moral issue.

I had been wondering on what exactly the statistics were, and I found Bird’s blog post here that has exactly the information I was looking for. She clearly shows that the LDS population was not solely responsible for the passing of Prop 8.

And I’ll try to clarify our church’s involvement a little, in case you were wondering. Our Prophet did encourage us to support Proposition 8. However, nothing was required of anyone. Members were free to vote according to their own conscience, as they always are. Church funds were never used to support the issue. Money came from individual members of the church who felt like they wanted to donate to the cause. Church buildings were never used to house activities supporting Prop 8. We did not discuss activities surrounding the campaign in church. Church time, money, and land WAS NOT USED to support the campaign. Church MEMBERS used their own money, tim, and homes to organize and participate in the campaign as they saw fit.

We are a religious people. We have the freedom of religion granted to every American. We also have the right to vote according to our beliefs, and the right to express our political opinions and support any political campaign that we want to.

And if I still see protesters outside of the temple at my sister’s wedding in a few weeks, I am going to be VERY VERY ANGRY. The temple is, to us, a house of the Lord. Literally. It is a place of peace and spiritual devotion. To assault us on holy ground is offensive to me. Especially since no one is bothering the Catholics, Muslims, Jews, or Protestant churches who also supported Proposition 8. Protesting outside our temples does nothing other than upset and offend individuals who may or may not have supported the Proposition 8 campaign, and infringe on OUR constitutional right to practice our religion.

Maybe, instead of protesting and harrassing people, proponents of gay marriage could find a more constructive way to try to get their way? Search for a compromise, instead of attacking people who may not have had anything to do with it? Just a thought.

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Tolerance, and why I support Proposition 8

I would like to think that I am a fairly tolerant person. When some of my friends left the Church in middle school and high school and started drinking and smoking, we stayed friends. I made an effort to be kind to those kids everyone else picked on, having been that kid myself. I had several boys fall in love with me simply because I was the only girl who had ever been nice to them. (Sometimes, being nice and kind has its odd consequences 😉 ) I got picked on a lot in school; I wore glasses, had frizzy curly hair, sang in the choir, was bad at sports, and I was Mormon. Especially because I was Mormon. It still amazes me how many of the pastors in the area I grew up in spent most of their time preaching to their youth about the evil Mormons, instead of on things like abstinence, not taking the name of the Lord in vain, and reading the scriptures. I had friends joke about tarring and feathering Mormons for fun. I watched people march around outside my chapel with signs saying things like “enter here for the gateway to Hell.” Having grown up with people being intolerant of me, I sympathize with those who feel discriminated against.

I have gay friends. I admit it. I don’t think they are horrible people. I don’t preach to them about the evils of their lifestyle. While I don’t think what they do is a good, moral choice that pleases God, I respect their freedom to choose their lifestyle. It is not my place to be their judge. In the case of Proposition 8, though, I feel it is my place to draw the line.

To the best of my understanding, gays have the majority of their rights protected in California. They are simply denied the right to the name of marriage. If Proposition 8 fails, same-sex marriage will, by default, become legalized. (And that’s a point I don’t quite understand… shouldn’t we also have to vote on whether or not same-sex marriage is legal? It seems odd that it will pass into law simply by default if Prop 8 fails.) If same-sex marriage becomes legal in California, people from all over the US will be able to come to California to get married. The issue will carry over into other states, and those states will have to decide whether or not those marriages will be recognized as legal.

In addition, our own pastors, preachers, bishops, and reverends, will have their right to freedom of speech suppressed. Our right to hetereosexual marriage will be suppressed. Our right to freedom of religion will be challenged. How? You might ask. Well, if gay marriage becomes legal, it then becomes illegal to preach against homosexuality. It becomes a hate crime. Our spiritual leaders will be sued. Churches that refuse to perform same-sex marriage will not be allowed to perform heterosexual marriages, on the grounds that doing one and refusing to do the other is discriminatory. If you are not gay, but support gay marriage, think about how you might feel if your own chapel is suddenly hosting gay marriages. Does it change how you feel? If our pastors can’t preach what they believe, and we aren’t allowed to worship as we choose within our church buildings, doesn’t that sound like suppression of freedom of religion to you? It does to me.

I am all about equality. I am all about tolerance. But not when protecting the rights of a minority comes at a suppression of the rights of the majority. Please join me, and vote Yes on Prop 8. To learn more, or to donate, go to

Please, feel free to comment on my post, whether you agree or disagree, but keep it clean. This is a family-oriented blog. If you use profanity, I will have to delete your comment.

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