Private or Public affair?

People who oppose Proposition 8 keep telling me that it is ridiculous to claim that allowing same-sex marriage will affect my life in any way. “It’s only going to allow couples who love each other to be together” they say. Here’s a great example of how this issue affects more people than just the gay couples who want to get married:

To summarize, if you don’t want to read the whole story, a class of first graders in San Fransisco took a school sanctioned field trip to their lesbian teacher’s wedding. It was decided that this was an appropriate use of school funds – which come from who now? Oh right, that’s the parents, like myself.

Parents were notified and given the option to keep their child out of the trip, and two parents did. But even if those children didn’t go on the trip, they are still being exposed to the idea of homosexual marriage at a very impressionable young age. And you can bet the kids who did go on the field trip will be talking about it to their two classmates who stayed home for days. Most children adore their elementary school teachers at that age, and those kids want their teacher to be happy. What makes her happy? Same-sex marriage. If Prop 8 passes, that teacher will be upset, and so will her students. By the children participating in this same-sex marriage, they have had a firsthand lesson that gay marriage is okay.

I don’t want my children taught about gay marriage in schools. I don’t want my sister-in-law, who is a schoolteacher, to have to teach her pupils that same-sex marriage is an acceptable practice, when it is something she firmly believes is wrong. Gay marriage, whether we like it or not, has influences far beyond being simply a private affair. To believe that it doesn’t affect other families in California is unrealistic.

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  1. I feel the same way you do about the children going to watch their teacher get married. Kids are very impressionable and they love their teachers, especially at the primary grade levels.

    Thank you for your support of prop 8. I hope that people will read these blogs and see that it is no longer okay to sit back and watch our values thrown out with last night’s left overs.

  2. That article is just over the top. I can’t believe that in such a tense political climate over this issue that these people would think it was a good idea to even try something like this, but at least if it had to happen, it happened before the election so the electorate could see with their own eyes that it’s happening here too. Honestly it’s appalling that the teacher would think this was an appropriate activity for such young children to attend.

  3. So many voices are telling us, Oh, it’ll never happen. I don’t believe your propaganda. Yet here it is in black and white.

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